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I’m a parent with a child living with a chronic illness. Can I arrange a camp with Purple Soup?

We work closely with the support organisations specific to each medical condition we serve. Please contact us and we can begin to liaise with the organization to design and deliver a tailored suite of programs. In the case where your child has a rare condition that does not have a support organisation in place, we would love to advise you how to build one.

How can Purple Soup support me and my family?

We can work closely with you in planning a day program, camp or hospital visit focusing on any specific area of your choice. E.g. building confidence, increasing resilence, self esteem or just for some fun before a surgery! You can rely on us to put a smile on your dial!
Want to know more about our hospital visits?

Do you run family fun days open to the public?

Yes we do! Our days are themed, exciting and inclusive and we hold them at least once a year. We are currently planning our next event; stay tuned to our website for more information.

We are a small organsiation and need help applying for philanthropic grants and funds. Do you write grant applications for us?
We have collected lots of data and evidence to support adventure therapy programs as a way of increasing resilence, self esteem, confidence etc, which we can provide you in support of getting your grant approved. You can always contact us for further information and any questions you may have as we are happy to help!

Can Purple Soup visit me in hospital?
Purple Soup head quarters is based in Melbourne approximately 10 minutes from the Royal Children’s Hospital, St Vincent’s Hospital, The Royal Melbourne Hospital, The Alfred Hospital & the Women’s. When a request comes through with dates we try our best to send along a Souper for support! Just email or call and we will see what we can do!